A path to feeling good

When you are ready go heavy

I always talk about the importance of lifting heavyweights.

However, is also essential good form.

First master the movement then you add load and with time increase the load.

If you are new to weight training you need to phase up.

Start with no weights and more repetitions 10-12 reps

Then in 2 to 3 weeks add small weights

In 4 weeks you might want to increase the weights

every 2 to 4 weeks to process the load.

Increase when you find it easy to do 10 repetitions maintaining good form.

👊Function and Technique first load second.

Once you start to get some heavy load decrease the repetitions.

👊The idea is to do a few reps max of 6 with heavyweights. 3 to 4 rounds.

You need to be fatiguing by the last round.

👊The weights are not permanent, you will be always progressing, changing load, tempo.

I watch people training with the same load that they were using 5 years ago. That's great but not effective especially when you are in your forties +.

If you want results you need to challenge yourself.🙌

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