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How to train to impact body composition after 40s:

Include HIIT on your training – High Intensity Interval training – 3 times a week (20 min) – a HIIT session increase the insulin sensitivity, after a HIIT session is the best time to eat your high carb food, as the cells are now “open” to receive and use the glucose.

The strong stimulus decreases the visceral and subcutaneous fat.

· Do Strength training- To stimulate lean mass and decrease visceral and total body fat ( 2 to 3 times a week)

· Do Plyometrics- Include jumping– Skipping, squat jumps, box jumps, etc. – To improve muscle powder and the transportation of glucose into the cell. (* if no injuries and no osteoporosis)

( 2 to 3 times a week )

You can include all those components in one session or alternate during the week.

You dont need to spend more than 1 hour exercising. I usually get done in 45 minutes.

There is also stress levels and sleep that plays a big role in a woman's 40 + body.

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My belly is huge, I feel terrible! Help!”- recent friend’s message

My dearest friend,

I hear you, and I don’t like that you feel that way. This is probably what is happening:

As we reach our mid-forties and our hormones estrogen and progesterone go downhill one of the effects is: our body decrease insulin sensitivity and we become more insulin resistant.

What that means? Every time that we eat refined carbohydrates: bread, crackers, pasta, pizza, cookies, …the body can’t process easily anymore because we don’t have the hormones to help, so the high carb food that you eat instead of going to our cells to be used, it goes to a place around our belly, forming the visceral abdominal fat.

So that means we are f%&*#@ up? Pregnant belly from now on?

No, there are ways to mitigate this effect if you want, but you need to change the way that you eat, including timing, the way that you exercise and prioritizing sleep.

A few strategies that you can do to help with body composition change:

· Change your white bread, pasta etc for whole grains, paleo, low glycaemic type of bread, pasta etc. Get into the habit to read the labels, look for clean natural ingredients, run away from numbers, preservatives, and names that you don’t know what means. The best of the best: make your own.

· Eat your high carb content straight after exercise withing 20 to 30 min that’s the best time for the body to absorb and use that carb. For eg: eggs on toast with avocado after a morning workout.

· Avoid refined carbs the rest of the day, having only carbs from fruits and veggies.

· Eat protein in every meal, increase the amount of protein in your diet, spreading around your meals.

· Let it go of cookies, crackers, cakes, pizzas. They are not your friends. Leave them for extraordinary occasions.

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hings to incorporate on your training to age strong with independence and freedom.

👊Strength training - Lift heavy shit

🙌Plyometric training - Jumping stuff ( * not if you have osteoporosis, knee, hip or ankle injuries)

🏃‍♂️HIIT- High Intensity- small doses of fast and furious to activate your metabolism

🧜‍♀️Stretch - for flexibility

🧘‍♀️Breathing work - to calm the nervous system

I usually mix up during the week or sometimes I like to incorporate all in one workout, alternating between stimulus,adding breathing techniques during the rest time, stretching in between sets. It breaks the workout and it feels good.

Whatever habit you're following they carried you until that point that you are now .

You get to choose that every day.

Habit is an everyday choice for ever.

Once you stop is not a habit anymore.

Choose how you want to be and follow the habits that match that person.

Let me know if you need some help, a chat or a friendly kick in the butt.😜

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