A path to feeling good

Hey you, woman in your mid-forties +

Do you need energy ?

Are you feeling a little bit stressed out ?

Could you do with an increase in libido ?

You might like to add Maca in your diet.

A tea spoon a day is enough.

Maca is a root from Peru and it helps to control cortisol / stress, increase energy, vitality and libido !

Win win for the peri/meno woman.

It comes in powder and you can add to smoothies, yogurt, or just water. It tastes a bit nutty.

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With the changes of hormones our body needs exercise stress to make up for the responses that those hormones used to stimulate.

We need to lift heavy, I mean heavy not pink 2 kl dumbells and do high intensity work to get that same stimulus that the hormones used to give us and back up with protein intake to build lean mass and maintain muscle integrity.

High Intensity is short sharp and intense, with short rest. You only need 15 min 3 x a week.

Strength Training + HIIT is key for peri and menopausal woman for changing body composition, blood glucose control, reduce risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

Every time that I reach to food, and I am not hungry, I know that there is something behind that impulse.

What am I looking for?

Is it company? Comfort? A moment of happiness/pleasure?

What makes me reach to it?

Boredom? Sadness? Emptiness?

What makes me think of it? What was the thought before I reached to it?

Is it peace, relaxation, numbness?

Once I find what my real need is I think how I could get there in a different way.

For example, if the need is peace, relaxation and “me time” I can swap the wine for a warm shower, a book, and a tea.

If I am bored and my need is distraction I can go for a walk and call a friend.

If I feel lonely and my need is nourishment, I can ask for a hug, play with pets and organize zoom calls with groups of friends.

If this resonates with you try this :

First find your need, then make a list of 4 or more things that you could replace the food or booze to contemplate your need.

Next time that you start to crave, ask what your need is, look for your list, and respond with one of the options.

Here is the thing: You must answer the need, if you just supress the need, ignore it without putting anything in place most likely you will reach out for the food of booze as soon as you get tired or frustrated. You must respond the need; you need to give what your body is asking for.

Can you think of other ways that you could achieve the “me time”, the relaxation, or peace that the glass of wine or chocolate bar gives you?

If you are a woman over 40s and would like to make some changes towards your health.

If you want more energy, to feel stronger, leaner, and fitter.

If you what you were doing before is not working anymore. It is time to have a different approach towards your food, the way that you exercise, how is your sleep and stress levels.

I created the Women’s Wellness Program to help woman in mid forties to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The program includes 4 health Coach sessions via zoom, a meal plan an exercise program, strategies and mindset totally unique and focused on your needs in this stage of life.

Please contact me for more information

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