When our hormones change in our mid forties our body composition changes, we now tend to hold fat around our belly. 

Our cortisol levels tend to be high, our sleep can be disturbed  and this all affect our mood, the way that we feel and look.

We need a new approach towards what and when we eat, what type of  exercise, the recovery, stress management and sleep to better support our bodies and thrive going forward towards the second phase of our life.

What used to work for us until now most likely will not work. 

I create an educational  program totally focused on mid-forties women that includes a meal plan , exercise program, mindset, strategies to manage stress and sleep quality.

If you need a  reset, want to feel more energised, leaner, stronger, fitter and are are ready to step in and take care of your health this program is for you. 

The sessions are individualized via zoom. 

Women's Wellness Program

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  • It includes 4 Health Coach Sessions:

    A meal plan

    An exercise Program


  • The 4 sessions need to be done in a period of 1 month or 4 weeks. 

    Cancellations need to be done in 24 hours.