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Women in mid forties please don't fast !

To all the women over 40s, I can't emphasize enough the importance of eating adequate protein especially after exercise (within 30 min after).

It drops the elevated cortisol after the stress of exercise.

It helps with lean mass development.

If you are fasting after exercise you might be causing more harm than good storing fat while keeping the cortisol elevated.

As we age we need to change our strategies around food, exercise and lifestyle to counterbalance the lack of hormones and to better support our body.

What used to work before most likely will not work from now on.

If you need some help towards your health and fitness goals I created the Women's Wellness and it is now open.

4 weeks of individualized support around food, exercise, stress, sleep, life.

The program can be done totally online with health coach consultations via zoom

Please contact me for more details

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