A path to feeling good

What you get from my Women's Wellness Program

This is a program for women over 40 that need a reset to feel their best in their bodies.

– is a 4week program focused on your health - food, exercise, mindset, sleep, stress, life.

We will map out where the gaps are and bridge those gaps to get your health back on track.

I create this program specifically for women over 40 as I see many women in this age group frustrated for not being able to shift weight.

As our hormones change, we need a new approach to nutrition, exercise, and overall health. What used to work in ours 20s and 30s most likely won’t work now.

We are in the midpoint of our lives, and we can get the best of it if we step in now and take charge of our health.

If you...

need a reset and break bad habits

are tired of feeling tired

are frustrated because what you used to do for exercise and diet is not working anymore

are ready to step in and prioritize your health

are committed to getting fitter with a stronger and leaner body

are a non-excuse maker

want more energy, and enthusiasm for life and feel your best self again

This is for you!

The program is now opened to start anytime . Sessions are individualized.

What you get :

Weekly individualized Health coach sessions Meal plan & Exercise plan focused on what best works for this age group Accountability, weekly check-ins Mindset support

I will hold your hand and support you to make the change that you want to happen. To save your space or to know more about it you please contact me.

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