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What is perimenopause ?

I hear a lot of times..." I can't be in menopause I am too young for this. I am still menstruating. "

Yes that's right you are not in menopause you are in perimenopause the period that precedes menopause.

Not many people talk about that.

I didn't know that this existed either.

The years just before menopause are where the biggest changes in our bodies can occur.

That's when our hormones are going through a lot of fluctuations until they completely drop in menopause.

We can compare perimenopause with a second puberty with the ups and downs of hormones.

That's why we can have lots of symptoms during this time such as mood swings, brain fog, insonmia, hot flashes etc. Not every woman have all the symptoms, you can have just one or another, some have all and some have none.

If you have symptoms and they are impacting your life that are a lot of things you can do to mitigate them.

Talk to your GP preference specialist in menopause.

If you need help towards your fitness goals you might like to join my women's wellness program designed specifically for women during this phase of life.

Please reach out for more information.

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