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Tips for a effective Pilates workout & life

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

1. Breathing.

Make sure you are breathing through the movement. As with any exercise, or any situation in life really, holding your breath may result in detrimental effects . Breathing well will ensure proper oxygenation of the muscles and facilitation of adequate muscular contractions ( e.g. to contract the TA it is necessary a proper exhalation, by contracting you are actually working on strengthening).

2. Ensure correct alignment.

No matter what part of the body is working, it is imperative that the entire body maintains the best alignment possible. If body segments are not lined up, it can result in less than desirable results and possibly increased tension.

The same for life, good posture translate in confidence, your body talks, how you show up to the world. Joseph Pilates said: “ You are as older as your spine “, a 30 years old with bad posture looks older than a 60s with straight spine.

3. Eye focus.

Keeping your eyes focused in the right direction will ensure that the head and neck are in proper alignment. This will could have a dramatic effect on neck and shoulder tension and could also help alleviate neural issues in the whole upper quadrant. Translating into inspirational life tip “ where your attention goes the energy flows” . Your eyes lead the direction.

4. Less is more.

Sometimes, slow controlled movements are harder to perform and more beneficial in the long run. Performing exercises deliberately will allow greater focus and ensure that each of them is being performed correctly. Done this way, fewer repetitions are necessary. Life tips “ Quality over quantity”, a few good ones is better than a lot of not good one.

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