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The Rage

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Have you ever felt like you are about to erupt like a volcano?

Have you felt a rage out of nowhere that brings out a dragon?

After 40 our hormone Progesterone starts to go down.

Losing progesterone changes the brain, affects the nervous system and can reduce our ability to cope with stress.

and when WE BLOW OUT…… oh boy, we blow OUT.

I learned a simple trick that I am using to avoid further murder.

The 3 S technique:

Spot, Stop and Swap

Spot the rage coming. Observe.

Stop and don’t say anything.

Remove yourself from the environment and check-in with yourself.

Breathe deeply and consciously. Big inhale and long exhale.

Scan your body looking for where the tension is.

Touch where is tight maybe shoulder, jaw, neck. Massage and release the tension.

Then wait until you feel calmer maybe the next day.

Say what you needed to say in another moment.

You need to say otherwise the suck it up is what will build it up and make the next rage come out.

I created the Women's Wellness package to help women over 40 to step in and take care of their well-being. This is for you if : If you are a woman in the second stage of life sick of feeling out of control If you know that the most important thing is your health If you have been giving to everyone and leaving yourself in the second plan and want to take charge of your well-being. Now is your time Please contact me for more details.

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