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Perimenopause and body composition

“I never had this belly before “ “I am eating and exercise the same way my whole life but now I am putting weight on" “I am not doing anything different, and my body changed “ “Is that’s it? Is this my new body, my new tummy?”

On our perimenopause = the 5 years before your periods stops, is the time where the biggest amount of body composition change happens.

This is where we really want to look into our nutrition and training so that we can start putting into place specific modalities that will help with body composition, bone and insulin sensitivity and improving the quality of our life as we go forward.

It doesn't mean that once you're in menopause or post-menopause that you can't do the same and get benefits.

It's just we want to be aware that in those five-ish years beforehand when we start feeling that training isn't working for us and we're putting on belly fat and wondering what's going on, it's when we really need to have that eye to changing up our training and revamp our diet.

This is why I create this program specific for women over 40 as I see many women frustrated with the body changes.

Women’s Wellness Program – is a 4week program focused on your health - food, exercise, mindset, sleep, stress, life.

We will map out where the gaps are and bridge those gaps to get your health back on track.

As our hormones change, we need a new approach to nutrition, exercise, and overall health.

What used to work on ours 20s and 30s most likely won’t work now.

The program is now opened to start anytime. Sessions are individualized.

I am looking forward to working with you to help to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Please contact me for more details

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