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One tip to Lose weight

If I have to give only one tip to lose weight it would be the good old: FOOD DIARY

Simple, easy, and very effective.

Your own personal accountability friend.

Write it down during 1 or 2 weeks everything that you eat. Including bites while preparing dinner or lunch box.

What to write:

Time: the time that you ate

What: the food including sauces, bites.

How much: the measurement can be in hands, cups, spoons.

Where: where you were

With whom: if alone or with family, friends, boss, etc

How: If at home quietly or in the car rushing or standing at the coffee shop, etc

Mood: if stressed, tired, sad, anxious, worried, happy, etc

I still do it myself every now and then to reset when I feel things getting out of whack.

This will give you a very precious information, we can then map out your behaviour in accordance with mood, company, place, time, and create a strategy to better overcome any pattern that doesn’t serve you.

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