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How to use fat instead of store

How to stimulate the use of fat instead of the storage of fat after 40.

Add some HIIT training to your week.

Short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods until too exhausted to continue.

It is short and sharp. 10 to 20 minutes 3 x a week and you have all these benefits :

✅Blood glucose control

✅Improve cognition brain function and memory

✅Decrease total body inflammation

✅Increase Metabolism

✅Reduces stress, decreases cortisol

✅Increase testosterone

✅Decrease visceral and subcutaneous fat

✅Increase lean mass

To get all these benefits you must back up your training with protein. Eat within 30 minutes after exercising.

Here I am using Tabata protocol 20 sec on 10-sec rest X 8 ( alternating between 2 exercises)

Tabata: Jump Box + Squat raise

Tabata: Naval Rope + Swings

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