A path to feeling good

How to age well by taking charge of yourself

I have a constant battle with aging.

I don’t mind and I am proud of my age, but I find it difficult to fully embrace the aesthetics of nature.

The trivial vain that screams at me.

In midlife, there is a lot going on physically and internally with our hormone craziness.

We can have mood swings, lack of libido, dryness, joint pain, insomnia, memory loss, weight gain, blah blah blah and a big list of shitty stuff.


You can maybe for the first time in your life choose to put yourself first.

You already raised kids and or business

Prioritazed husband

Grew on your career

You already proved yourself

You finally know who you are

Now is the time to motherhood yourself

Time to opt for you

To step in

To do whatever you want

and to be in charge

It is time to learn how to say no

to set boundaries in place.

It is the middle of your life if it is not now then when?

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