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Eat your protein

I struggled to have more protein in my diet.

As I studied about women going through hormonal changes and learned about the importance of protein as we age.I began to look closely to what I eat and ask the question in every meal:

🍳🥩🍗🦞 " Where is my protein ?"

Now I decide which protein I am having and organize the meal around that.

👉As we age we need more protein than before.

If we calculate 1g per kilogram on our 30s from 40s onwards you can go up to 1.6g to 2g per kl depending on your level of activity.

👉More active more protein.

This doesn't mean eat 2 steaks per meal. You can't process large amounts in one seat. And if you eat more than you need you store.

👉The key is to spread throughout the day and eat protein in every single meal Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

👉Protein is what will help to keep your muscles along with exercises.

👉No protein = sagging skin

I use whey protein to get the amount of protein that I need specially on the go breakfast.

This is what goes on my everyday

High Protein Smothie

- 1🍒🍓 hand full of frozen mixed berries

-1 scoop of Whey protein powder ( vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavour)

-1/3 🍵cup of water

-1/2 🍵cup of almond milk

-1/2 🍵🥥cup of coconut water

1 🥄teaspoon hemp seeds ( extra protein, potassium, magnesium,iron)

1 🥄tsp linseed seeds ( for meno symptoms + omega 3 +phosporus)


1 🥄tsp chia seeds ( additional protein + fiber+ vitamin B +omega 3+ calcium +magnesium)

1 🥄tsp maca ( for energy + libido)

1 🥄tsp spirulina ( extra iron vitamin B, cooper)

1🥄 tablespoon marine collagen

1 hand full of spinach or kale or alfafa sprouts or any green leaves

1 small floret of raw cauliflower for gut/ brain ( you don't feel the taste and makes the smoothie creamier )

1🥒 small piece of cucumber

Blend for 1 minute.

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